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The Million Trees & Messages Project was initiated as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Studio Virtasia, aimed at assisting the global community end deforestation, plastic waste pollution, and generally initiate more reforestation projects by way of getting local community members, especially the younger ones, proactively involved in 'local initiated projects' of their own, within their own local community.

The Million Trees & Messages is a totally free project for all to access and use


Young people are on the whole very keen to actively address global warming, deforestation, and plastic pollution problems facing the global population today. However it is important governments, businesses and educational institutions, provide them with the necessary training and tools so their actions and projects contribute to an eventual global solution.

Trying to find solutions to these enormous global problems can be overwhelming for young people, hence the MTM Project though its Eco-Warrior video training program, encourages young communities all around the world, to conceptualize and initiate local environmental projects, which will contribute to an overall global solution.


Furthermore we ask local businesses and governments, to consider supporting these very important local climate change projects, rather than donating to environmental projects in far off lands, which do not really benefit their local community, or encourage the growth of young upcoming environmentalists and groups in their own towns and cities.

Local Business & Community

Coming Together

The MTM Project is a great conduit for bringing young local community members and businesses together.


Young community members who have completed MTM Challenges One & Two, and have registered as Eco-Warriors in their communities, can utilize the Million Trees & Messages Corporate, Government & Individual Supporter lists, to try and identify supportive individuals, or companies within their local community, which may be willing to assist them, or give them advice and guidance, with respect to their proposed Million Trees & Messages Project, they wish to undertake within their community

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"If your company, organization University, school or government also has an interest in helping assist young members of your community become proactively involved in the fight against deforestation, plastic waste, etc, we would love to hear from you on one of our Program Supporters Pages."

"Again Let Me Clearly State, we do not seek or accept monies for any reforestation projects outside our own local community projects."

Mr. Paul Phillips - paul@studiovirtasia.com

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