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Management of MTM Project

The Million Trees & Messages Project was initiated in January 2021 as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project of Studio Virtasia, led by the Directors Mr. Paul Phillips & Mr. Karsten dan Andersen.


AIMS of the MTM Project

The aims & objectives  of the MTM CSR Project, stem from the belief of Mr Phillips that Climate Change, Deforestation & Plastic Pollution are all now generational problems, which will need a fully committed new generation of young people to actively address these catastrophic problems each decade.

Hence the MTM Project aims to inform & train millions of young people each year, utilizing numerous easy to watch videos, distributed on an ever growing number of social media platforms, featuring the lovable 3D animated characters of Virtasian Tales, on how they can actively assist the global community overcome these seemingly overwhelming environmental disasters, as well as make them aware of just how important their individual contribution is to winning these fights, no matter where they live in the world, or what language they speak.

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Project Outcomes To Date

To date the MTM Project has produced twenty one, 3D animated MTM videos, in both the English and Vietnamese languages, which represents an investment into the CSR project, at cost by Studio Virtasia (US$5,000/video production cost) of some US$105,000.

In December 2021 it created the Million Trees & Messages web site (this site) as its main promotional outlet and to communicate with its young participants. The site is multilingual and we continue to increase the number of languages available on the site

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As well as participating in the Million Trees & Messages Project as a corporate, government, educational or individual supporter, the MTM management team welcomes those companies, governments, educational institutions or individuals which share our future vision and strategies regards the fight against the ever growing, generational catastrophic global environmental problems which are ahead of us all, who wish to also adopt or partner with us, in rolling out the MTM project over the course of the next few decades

If you would like to explore ways you might partner with the MTM Project please contact Mr. Paul Phillips via or via WhatsApp.

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