The core of the MTM Program is the eighteen 3D animated videos which have already been produced by Studio Virtasia, which give students, teachers & families an easy to follow guide on all the various activities of the program.


The BR-VT MTM Project will initially employ an ‘Environmental Sciences Teacher’, who will be tasked with visiting students and teachers of two schools in Ba Ria – Vung Tau each day.

At each school, he or she will utilize the AV equipment within the school, to play the MTM Challenge videos to students, and explain the importance of both the students and teachers taking up the MTM Challenges for the future environment and economy of Ba Ria – Vung Tau.


The MTM Environmental Teacher will also spend some time with the teachers of each school, explaining the ‘MTM Lesson Planner’ and the aims and objectives of the MTM Regeneration Generation Project, and how they will assist Ba Ria – Vung Tau meet its reforestation & carbon emissions goals.


Before leaving each school, the MTM Teacher will give each student and teacher an BR-VT MTM Information Leaflet, which will guide students as to how they can access the MTM Program from their computer or mobile phone, and also outline the scores of prizes they and their families could win each week from their participation in one of the BR-VT MTM Competitions on the MTM Social Media site.



The Prime Ministerial Decision No. 524/QD-TTg, states that land in each province must be set aside for tree planting projects.


The MTM Teacher will communicate with the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Environmental Minister’s Department with the aim of identifying where exactly schools and students, can plant their native trees each month in the province.


The BR-VT MTM Steering Committee will meet regularly with the Provincial Government to discuss ways the BR-VT MTM Project Team can work together with local government departments on green strategies and projects, which should ensure Ba Ria- Vung Tau remains a Clean Green Tourist Destination, for both local & international travellers.


Various Ba Ria-Vung Tau Provincial Government Executives, will be invited to speak at the monthly MTM Champions Functions, in an effort to ensure all local businesses are kept up-to-date with the latest projects and undertakings by the provincial government.

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The MTM Lesson Planner is a key strategic tool of the MTM Program.


The Planner, which is a page on the MTM web site, gives schools, teachers, interested groups, and even families a Step by Step procedure on how to utilize the MTM videos and resources in such a way that will encourage students and family members to become more active in the fight against anthropogenic climate change and plastic pollution, as well as complete the two Challenges of the MTM program by the planting of their trees.



Social Media

The BR-VT Million Trees & Messages Project will employ a Social Media Engagement Coordinator, whose job it will be, to keep the students of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, engaged with the MTM Project, via various social media channels.


Competitions & Prizes

The BR-VT MTM Project encourages sponsors to contribute 50% of their sponsorship in products & services, which can be utilized as prizes and or give-aways in MTM weekly competitions, etc. This strategy is not only a great way for sponsors to promote their latest products & services to the greater local community; it will also keep all BR-VT MTM Eco-Warriors engaged with the project.


The BR-VT MTM Project will also give away 10 official BR-VT MTM Tee shirts each week to the winners of various competitions, quizzes and lucky draws, staged on its social media and web sites.


Competitions on social media sites are a tried and proven way to keep followers constantly engaged with the project. 




The BR-VT MTM Project gives direction to local teachers and schools on how they can initiate various environmental projects within their class or school, such as the establishment of a native tree or mangrove nursery within their school. This is achieved via a School Projects animated video and web page on our web site.


The BR-VT MTM Project suggests that schools make a once a month time, on weekends, for students and their families to go to the designated tree planting area within their region, and plant scores of native trees and plants which they have nurtured in their, ‘school tree nursery’.


Other suggested school projects are plastic cleaning and recycling days, and native flower planting days to attract native bees back to local forests.



After students have completed the two challenges of the MTM Program, we encourage them to register as BR-VT MTM Eco-Warriors, and purchase their own BR-VT ECO-WARRIOR Tee-shirt for just vnd 75,000, so they can proudly display to their friends and neighbors etc, that they have completed the MTM Challenges, which has assisted remain a clean green, environmental aware, tourist destination.


Next the BR-VT MTM Project via another set of animated videos on its web site, encourages new BR-VT Eco-Warriors to establish their own long term MTM Projects such as, establishing tree or mangrove nurseries at their school, or even at home for the more entrepreneurial students.


The videos also encourage Eco-Warriors to get together and establish their local BR-VT MTM Club, which meets each week to discuss ways they can curtail carbon emissions and plastic pollution in their neighborhoods.