The Million Trees & Messages Project encourages young people to plant trees.

However the main focus of the project is not on the planting of trees, rather it is to freely provide the tools which will assist teachers, who we call MTM Protagonists, create and nurture a new

'Regeneration Generation'.  


*** There are absolutely no costs associated with the MTM project for either students or teachers

Anybody anywhere in the world can access the program for free..

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The Million Trees & Messages Project is I believe, one of the most critically important environmental programs of the next few decades, and in fact maybe of this century.


There are no quick fixes for climate change, deforestation, plastic waste pollution, over consumption, etc. They all must now be viewed as generational problems. In other words they are not going to be overcome by this, or the next generation. However, it is still imperative that each and every generation works vigorously toward overcoming each of these potentially catastrophic events, while they fill the leadership positions of the world’s various governments and industries, if we are to have any chance whatsoever, of eventually subjugating each of them over the next century or two..

It is no longer within modern day urbanized humankind’s fundamental qualities, upbringings, teachings, dispositions, traits or habits to particularly worry about the state of their natural environment, or have any attachment to, or empathy for, the nameless, faceless people living in some future time. Almost all urbanized modern day humans, governments & industries have grown indifferent and detached from their once natural green environment, and now feel more comfortable in, and attached to, crowded concrete jungles where progress, success and wealth have become their main focus.

It has proven to be a futile exercise to try and re-educate existing adult men and women.


If we are going to have any chance of changing humankind’s present destructive environmental trajectory, we are going to need to ensure future generations of young people develop strong green environmental connections, habits and concerns.


To achieve this goal we will need to teach and instill these necessary traits and attachments into all the children of the world during their formative learning years from 3 – 15 years old.


Green habits, concerns and attachments instilled into their young minds will surely stay with them for life. Hence when they inherit the leadership positions of government and industries, their approach and goals towards the earth's numerous environmental problems will be guided by different attachments, instilled values and concerns than those of our present day leaders.

Bellasini & Gran
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The Million Trees & Messages (MTM) project enlists the lovable 3D animated characters, of the Virtasian Tales book and videos, to assist teachers, parents and MTM Protagonists develop young people’s green skills, as well as instil attachments and awareness of the earth's natural environments and ecosystems .


The main character, a 15 year old girl named Bellasini, has walked with her gran each day for as long as she can remember, through the seemingly magical forest across the road from her house, where gran has introduced her to, and taught her all about, all of the lovable creatures, plants and trees of her forest. Of course, Bellasini has developed great attachments and love, for all the creatures and trees of Gran’s magnificent, seemingly magical forest.

It is this relationship and learning methodology, the MTM project aims to propagate. Utilizing a young person’s existing strong relationships with his or her teachers, parents, and grandparents, and with the aid of the MTM videos, it is hoped that these highly regarded and respected figures in every child’s life, who we refer to as MTM PROTAGANISTS, can help create awareness of, and instill attachments to, the trees, shrubs and flowers they help plant and nurture while undertaking the Million Trees & Messages Challenges and activities together.

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The messages aspect of the MTM project, is there to try and instill attachments and empathy between the young people undertaking the challenges of the MTM project, and future generations.


The act of writing down their messages of hope, and their reasons for planting their tree on a piece of paper, and then burying their messages in a time capsule next to the tree, will we believe greatly increase their attachment to both their tree, and the future generations they are trying to help.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that all the teachers from every nation’s primary, middle and secondary schools, look over and consider participating in the Million Trees & Messages Project, as an MTM Protagonist.

If we do not together change the trajectory of humankind’s attachment to his and her environment, all your efforts teaching young minds reading, writing and mathematics will surely have been wasted, as the earth’s environment by the time they are looking to enter the work force, will surely become almost unlivable with catastrophic floods, fires, storms, droughts, and famines occurring on an almost daily basis across the planet.

So please take the time to look over the


and join our united fight to create a better future for all your young students, by helping us create a REGENERATION GENERATION, which will have strong attachments to the earth’s natural environment, flora and fauna.

Thank You.